Used forklift brands

We stock a wide selection of forklifts from all the established brands. Competitively priced, all forklifts are fully warranted and backed by the resources of one of Australia’s leading material handling equipment specialists.

Clark forklifts

Clark lays claim to having invented the first ever forklift in existence in 1917. Since that time, Clark has grown to become a world leader in manufacturing forklift trucks, crafting over 1-million machines for corporations the world over…

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Crown forklifts

Crown is an established Australian forklift and equipment handling business; a well-known name in material lifting equipment. Established in Australia in 1966, Crown forklifts are used for order picking and specialised tasks to make your …

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Komatsu forklifts

Komatsu is grounded in a commitment to exceptional quality and unrivalled reliability. It relies upon the trust of its stakeholders and clients to drive its corporate worth, and has thus founded its structure upon offering an ever-evolving…

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Linde forklifts

Linde forklifts Australia’s leading industrial equipment suppliers, Linde Material Handling caters for a myriad of companies and industries, from small businesses to some of Australia’s most renowned corporations…

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Nissan forklifts

Nissan prides itself on exceptional customer service and the maintenance its customer’s high standard of satisfaction. With a history of offering outstanding quality products at excellent value, Nissan’s standard of excellence is ever-present in…

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Toyota forklifts

With a vast array of forklifts and battery-electric warehouse products available, Toyota is committed to ensuring that any of your material handling requirements can be met with ease. Offering a varied selection of renowned forklift products…

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